Sunday 11/15 Dive In & Let Go! A Steps 4 to 9 Workshop

MA District 6 Online Video Meetings

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Sunday Woodland Hills
7:15PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Sunday Atwater Village
7:45PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday It’s in the Book – Newcomers Literature Study
5:50PM Join | 6:00PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Sherman Oaks Newcomers
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Agoura Hills Step Study
9:30PM Join | 10PM Meeting (90-Min)
Tuesday Granada Hills
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Rowing Like Hell
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Agoura Hills
7:30PM Join | 8PM Meeting (90-Min)
Thursday Wake-up and Smell the Coffee
7AM Join | 7:30AM Meeting (1-Hr)
Thursday Life With Hope Step-Study & Meditation
7:50PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Friday Keeping It Simple
7:15PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday Agoura Hills
10:30AM Join | 11AM Meeting (90-Min)
Saturday Her Dreams Went Up In Smoke – Women’s Meeting
3:30PM Join | 4PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday So And So’s Meeting
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)

* Meetings and links are subject to change, please refer to this page for our meeting schedule.

Our neighbors at MA District 7 are also hosting online video meetings.

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Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in-person meetings are temporarily closed.

MA World Services Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Statement
MA World Services Statement – Maintaining Our Life With Hope
MA World Services Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletin 3
If you are new to Marijuana Anonymous please use our Contact Page resources or join a meeting for more information.

Until Further Notice the Following In-Person Meetings Are Closed
Updated 03/27/20 – All Meetings Reported Closed
Sunday – Atwater Village, Woodland Hills
Monday – Newcomers Meeting in Sherman Oaks
Tuesday – Light It Up in Granada Hills
Wednesday – Agoura Hills Book Study, Rowing Like Hell in Sherman Oaks, Santa Barbara
Thursday – 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Group in Sherman Oaks
Friday – Keeping It Simple in Sun Valley (Burbank)
Saturday – Agoura Hills Book Study, Her Dreams Went Up In Smoke in Sun Valley (Burbank)