Online Video Meetings

MA District 6 Online Video Meetings

Click the day/name of a scheduled meeting to join!
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Sunday Woodland Hills
7:15PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr, 15-min)
Sunday Atwater Village
7:45PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Moment of Clarity
7AM Join | 7:30AM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday It’s in the Book – Literature Study
5:50PM Join | 6:00PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Monday Sherman Oaks Newcomers
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr, 15-min)
Monday Agoura Hills Step Study
9:50PM Join | 10PM Meeting (90-Min)
Tuesday Light It Up
7PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Rowing Like Hell
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Wednesday Agoura Hills
7:50PM Join | 8PM Meeting (90-Min)
Thursday Wake-up and Smell the Coffee
7AM Join | 7:30AM Meeting (1-Hr)
Thursday Life With Hope Step – Study & Meditation
7:50PM Join | 8PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Friday Alice B. Tokeless – Book Study
6:55AM Join | 7:00AM Meeting (1-Hr)
Friday High Hopes
5:00PM Join | 5:15PM Meeting (1-Hr, 15-min)
Friday Keeping It Simple
7:15PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday Agoura Hills
10:50AM Join | 11AM Meeting (90-Min)
Saturday Her Dreams Went Up In Smoke – Women’s Meeting
3:45PM Join | 4PM Meeting (1-Hr)
Saturday So And So’s Meeting
7:20PM Join | 7:30PM Meeting (1-Hr, 10-min)

* Meetings and links are subject to change, please refer to this page for our meeting schedule.

Our neighbors at MA District 7 are also hosting online video meetings.

Alternatively, non-video meeting options include phone meetings at and chat room style meetings at

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Making Online Meetings a Fun, Safe Place

  • First, please treat the online room as you would any in-person meeting room.
  • These are video meetings. When your video is on everyone can feel safer sharing.
    If you prefer to keep your video private, we recommend joining a voice-only meeting at
  • For our anonymity, we suggest using your first name and last initial for your profile name.
  • If you can sponsor others please add an *asterisk before your name so others can find you.
  • The meeting host will mute the group and unmute individuals when it is their turn to speak. You also have the ability to unmute yourself if necessary.
  • To keep disruptions to a minimum, please do not to unmute to respond to shares.
  • Please use the Raise Hand button to enter the queue for participation. You will be called on when it’s your turn to share. Zoom support – raising your hand

    • Desktop and laptop users: Click on the Reactions Button to find the ‘Raise Hand’ button, or click the Participants button at the bottom of the Zoom window, the Participants Panel will open on the right-hand side, use the Participants Panel toolbar to click Raise Hand.
    • Mobile users: Using the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom app (tap the screen if the toolbar is not displayed), tap More, then Raise Hand.

  • Chat is turned off during the meeting. You can message your meeting host if needed. Open chat resumes after the meeting when you can use it to share contact info, gratitude, welcome messages, etc.
  • As a friendly reminder, at MA meetings we refrain from providing guidance or opinions on medical issues. This is outside the scope of MA. Thank you!
  • After the meeting please feel free to hang out for fellowship, most meeting rooms will remain open!
Keep well and be kind!